Objective 1 – Specification: Materials and Component Benchmarking

To finalise   ODS alloy material and performance specifications for targeted components. Agreement and inclusion of new demonstrators and finalise material performance targets.

Objective 2 – Materials Development, Modelling and Screening

To develop high performance ODS alloys that will exceed existing operating temperatures; develop materials to achieve performance targets (Objective 1)

Objective 3 – Powder Material Production, Characterisation and Optimisation

To develop equipment and procedures to produce powder alloys from ODS alloy grades developed within OXIGEN (Objective 3); production of small batches of powder (5-10 litres)

Objective 4 – Procedures Development and Test Specimen Manufacture

To develop procedures using optimised powders (Objective 4) to manufacture test specimens; develop procedures to manufacture optimised components.

Objective 5 – Sensor Design, Development and Integration

To develop and embed fibre sensing technology for in-service monitoring of optimised components; develop sensors suitable for operation at high temperatures (from 800°C up to at least 1,100°C) and capable of continuous in-service monitoring.

Objective 6 – Demonstrator Manufacture and Validation

To manufacture using LMD/SLM and/or sintering and HIP at least 3 components targeted by SIEMENS, ALSTOM and IVCHECNKO for validation of improved turbine engine efficiency performance; Target 50°C in increased turbine entry (firing temperature) leading to +1% in combined cycle efficiency improvement for current turbine designs.