INSPIRE is the Swiss competence centre for production technology. It develops future oriented technologies and methods and thus boosts the innovation capability and international competitiveness of industry. INSPIRE is a research institute, as well as a transfer- and service center and gives support in specific questions in manufacturing technology.

The core capabilities of INSPIRE are the optimization of machines including calibration, dynamic and thermal optimization and set point generation, simulation and improvement of manufacturing processes, like grinding, chipping, electro-erosion, laser processing and micro manufacturing, and the optimization of business processes by implementing new information technology.

The institute for rapid product development irpd is a research institute within INSPIRE for Additive Manufacturing processes with close relations to industry. irpd has a proven experiences and skilled resources in Additive Manufacturing with Selective Laser Melting and Selective Laser Sintering  (SLM and SLS). Furthermore, irpd has wide experiences in the development and adaption of materials for these processes and in the specific processes details.